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Stairs of Peace, Syria

Stairs of Peace in Syria. Syrian students painted a fantastic pattern on the longest staircase in their town with some very vibrant colors. They hoped the display would produce joyful feelings in the locals who were undergoing hardships.

Stairway to my version of heaven. ACCEPTANCE > Fear

Stairway to my version of heaven. ACCEPTANCE > Fear

Street-Art-DIHZAHYNERS-in-Beriut-Lebanon/ I would do something like this if I had steps like this in my backyard.

I love design that takes advantage of stair edges as they are a fabulous canvas for colour and pattern. Case in point? A beautiful staircase makeover by Dihzahyners, a team of artists and designers "aimed at creating initiatives to make Beirut brig .

Street art on the steps London

Street art is visual art created in public locations. Those public locations can be walls, streets, pavements and even stairs. Check out these Awesome Stairs Street Art, and there is surely something which can inspire you.

Des réalisations à base de mosaïques pour votre inspiration ! 39 Photos...

A community project to brighten up the neighbourhood, where they tiled 163 steps

Mais cores na cidade!

a volunteer team of young syrian students named 'jood' have created a staircase painting, colorizing the longest public steps in their town, deir atieh.

STREET ART UTOPIA » On Facebook. By DIHZAHYNERS in Beirut, Lebanon. Photo by Nadim Kamel. More by Dihzahyners Project here and here.

By Dihzahyners Project - In Beirut, Lebanon, would love to have this on my own house stairs!

Mosaic Steps on 16th Avenue in San Francisco. Over 220 neighbors sponsored handmade animal, bird and fish name tiles embedded within the mosaic and over 300 people helped to put them in.

30 Beautiful Street Artworks on Stairs

Gorgeous Mosaic Staircase in San Francisco by Martin Taylor. The Avenue Tiled Steps project has been a neighborhood effort to create a beautiful mosaic running up the risers of the 163 steps located at and Moraga in San Francisco.

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Мозаика в интерьере и не только.

San Francisco’s Mosaic Staircase. Hidden art gem in San Francisco; head to and Moraga to discover The Avenue Tiled Steps. Not only will you be able to see some amazing views of the city, you'll get to appreciate a beautiful mosaic running up 163 steps.

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23+ Pretty Painted Stairs Ideas to Inspire your Home

Something that should be done to every carpeted staircase that exists anywhere.