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Parco Ciani, Lugano, Switzerland. Most beautiful gate!

Whenever I visit Lugano I stroll along the lakeside promenade and spend time in Parco Civico where the civic gate frames magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

Coffee table Stelios Mousarris | Inception coffee table | furniture | design | modern furniture

"Inception" Coffee Table Defies Gravity and Suspends Cityscape in Mid-air

Designer Stelios Mousarris has created a coffee table inspired by the film Inception, presenting a city curving up and over itself.

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A set of hand crafted cup made of Japanese cedar.Made in the traditional Japanese technique called Magewappa.

Sleek, elegant Japanese design: Created by designer Yukio Hashimoto. The pieces are hand crafted using the traditional Japanese craft technique of "wappa" or wood bending. Wooden boards are bent in hot water, creating beautiful curves

Lake lugano

The Swiss-mediterranian Lugano

The Swiss-mediterranian Lugano - And there she goes again