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Rory Williams would TOTALLY fit in on #Supernatural!

Rory Williams Can Survive Any TV Show

Always asking the logical questions <--One of the reasons I loved Rory; he always responded to stuff like real people would.<<< Rory would survive Supernatural.

"Old McDonald had a TARDIS, DOOWEEOOOO, with a Rose Tyler there, and a Martha Jones here, here Donna, here Amy, there River, there Rory, everywhere a Jack Jack, old McDonald had a TARDIS, DOOWEEOOOO."<--- THIS <---- hehe. Probably the reason he changed it... <--- Hahaha!

Old McDonald had a TARDIS. Do-we-do-we-dooo. And in the TARDIS was a companion. Do-we-do-we-doo. And a *insert companion here* (for example Rose) Rose Rose here. and a Rose Rose there. Here a Rose. There a Rose. Everywhere a Rose Rose. Do-we-do-we-dooo.

"It's hard to believe that he's 1,103 in this episode."

Number 11 Is an Actual Child

Actual child the eleventh doctor :) (And then tells them to go look for their parents, in the lamps department).

Doctor Who, Eleven, Rory, Amy

I feel like everyones so focused on Amy and Eleven or Amy and Rory, that they forget that the Doctor and Rory were also best friends, and you know what breaks my heart, he never got to say goodbye. And also, the door was always tardis blue


I don't care that this is wrong, because it's so funny. And David Tennant xD

I love Matt Smith. I was so sad when he left.

Everytime I eat pasta I request for the bowties. <---- My mom and I were making pasta and she said what kind of pasta and I said bowties.bowties are cool. and she looked at me like I was crazy

Oh Mr. Potato Head, have I ever told you how HYSTERICAL you are?

Strax plans to lure the Doctor to a place of safety and melt him with acid! Correction: not melt him with acid!