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Harry Potter fandom part 3 - Imgur

Harry Potter fandom part 3

Harry Potter's kids names -- Albus Severus Potter, James Sirius Potter and Lily Luna Potter

18 years since the first book was released, and almost 14 years since the first film hit screens, the enormous world-wide phenomenon that is Harry Potter still shows n.

"Harry Potter named all his kids like some nerd who had just finished reading Harry Potter."

27 Jokes That'll Make All "Harry Potter" Fans Laugh Because They're True

27 Jokes That’ll Make All “Harry Potter” Fans Laugh Because They’re True

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Mmmm the mandrake one wouldn't really work. They may not be able to hear it but the vibrations of the scream would still be the same and could still cause a deaf person to die of it results in hemorrhaging in the brain.

Everyone is jealous of their inside jokes.

15 Times Tumblr Proved Muggleborns Are The Coolest Kids At Hogwarts

The fourth was really fake...the fifth was a prejudiced asshole...the sixth had wanted her for years...the seventh was completely fucking crazy.

The fourth was really fake.the sixth had wanted her for years.the seventh was completely fucking crazy. ^Also the fifth one was a woman because she was experimenting I guess

the marauders and lily

And he actually drops the towel (because come on guys this is JAMES POTTER we're taking about) and lily squeaks and her face goes redder than her hair. A wolf whistle is heard from Sirius' bed and Remus just shakes his head with a smirk.

But actually. Like you know they're fiber but it's still always wonderful

I understand that they had to cut out the parts of the book that had less action and were less important to the plot, but those were the best parts because they just could sit back and make jokes with each other (usually) without angst


Minnie McGee, talented quidditch player, amazing teacher, awesome animagus, and the one person to take think) Crucios to the chest

one of the many reasons Harry isn't a ravenclaw lol

one of the many reasons Harry isn't a ravenclaw lol <--- He may not be Ravenclaw material, but that whole scene was about proving just how much he belongs in Gryffindor