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Awww, oh gosh my heart

harry potter - hp headcanon <--------------------- ACCEPTED James would sooooooo do this.<<<< No, I'm not crying, the Whomping WIllow smacked me in the eyes

The Marauders in life and death

AND each of the marauders died protecting Harry. James died literally protecting him, Sirius died to go save him, Peter died allowing him to escape the prison, and Lupin died fighting with him at the Battle of Hogwarts. All of them died for Harry.

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I'd like to think that that's why the Dursleys were so mean. Dursley was already mean to Lily, before Harry lived with them.

I'm crying

Ron Weasley is not the comic relief. See "that one time fourteen year old Ron Weasley stood on his broken leg to tell a convicted murderer he would go down fighting for his best friend's life".

Narcissa Malfoy was probably the most powerful Occlumens in Hogwarts history and no one knew

Narcissa Malfoy, ladies and gentlemen: the supreme occlumens. And alot of people on internet think that Draco is a bad boy with good heart THRUST ME IT IS HIS MOTHER.

Harry and the Resurrection Stone - 2

That actually wouldn't happen, Harry dropped the resurrection stone in the forbidden forest, remember?