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This picture symbolizes the church in that the church is everyone. The church does not have one face it is made up of the faces of many different people. It also signifies unity, that we are all God's children together. This picture also stands for how anyone of any race is welcome into the church.

this is a good example of unity because it works all together by taking different skin colors and making them into one face

What all of those magazine tell us: you're not good enough, you need to be better; here's how to do that! No wait, still not good enough!

Social construction of femininity: Society feeds women thousands of ways to hate her body and yet sets aside little resources to target social change. Feminism provides both theories and methods to make sense of and transcend narrow gender narratives.

UN ART AFRICAIN ... "LA FEMME-ZÈBRE" ! JOLIE CRÉATION! Art par Minjae Lee.. #contemporaryartist

ART: Minjae Lee aka Greno

I came across these amazing drawings of African women by South Korean artist Minjae Lee and thought I'd share them here. Lee's works are p.

Only say about yourself, what you would want your daughter to say about herself. <3 Break the cycle.

Stop Hating Yourself. Don't Listen To Media Bull Shit .TV Take 1 by ~VUHwex on I love this art and its message

Limited Edition Print of Original Watercolor Painting, Indian Watercolor Portrait  Titled - Cobalt on Etsy, 552.89 ₪

Limited Edition Print of Original Watercolor Indian Watercolor Portrait Titled - Cobalt on Etsy.