Crooked and crazy houses and structures

More painted stuff coming up soon, but in the meanwhile, here's some stuff from my sketchbook. These pensketches were done as visual develop.

I love the roof crane, I think that could be awesome and a way to add a bit of animation if we made it move some, maybe a Gnome or gremlin operator.

architectural sketch {don't know why medieval architecture appeals to me, but it does} "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning" Concept Art

Inspiration! - Page 16

This is my first shot at trying to design a castle. I tried to imagine a tiny village and castle surrounded by fortifications, turrets, huge walls and s. Castle and Village Number One

WIP Low Poly Building - Polycount Forum

buiding from Cathair color by ~Catell-Ruz . Writing Prompt: Who lives in this building?