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The last one reminds me about how the Netflix Death Note movie is going to be.


Light's face is priceless! XD ~ Death Note<<< you need to calm the fuck down on your drugs and give them to me. << no but seriously, Light's face is just done. L is just a perv


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Death note

I'm a smidge of an anime nut.and this is definitely my favourite. L is such an awesome character, and the plotlines were absolutely epic!

I see what you did there

Deathnote: No Evil by *Elocinaqui on deviantART You realize this is true, if you have kids

Deathnote but L and Light switch places

Death Note - Raito 'Light' Yagami x L 'Ryuuzaki' Lawliet - LawLight

Death Note || anime funny

I love Light's face. His face says "This is a person of the female gender.

Death Note: Near. After L died in the anime, I just couldn't bring myself to watch the rest of the anime. But I did watch a few episodes with Near and Mello. I never watched any with Matt though. i may rewatch the anime again.

Death Note: Near. But I still managed to continue watching it. Near is almost as ingenious as L