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Don't Wait Everything to Be Perfect to Enjoy Your Life

with yourself and others, you don't need to be perfect. that enables self-compassion, understanding and appreciation which enables enjoyment of your life.

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I will never again allow a man to talk down to me, degrade me or make me feel as though I need to constantly "fix" myself. I will never again be so desperate to be "loved" or supported financially that I sacrifice myself and my children to the hands of an abuser. I am stronger than I've ever been and I will speak my truth;) xoxo

"Nothing is weaker or smaller than the man who hurts women or children whether by his actions or by his words" This is so true. No one treats my kids like shit.we are the voice for our children.

I would so love to write a book, or maybe just a little something like a perspective of someone.

I would so love to write a book, or maybe just a little something like a perspective of someone.

Just a phase

I'm an asexual panromantic too and I needed this more than anything you'll ever know, in fact it's going in my supper special board and I'm saving it and making it my wallpaper

Pastina with Butter and Milk | We’ve got stars in our eyes and our bowls and our spoons thanks to pastina, the teensy star-shaped pasta. It just may be the cutest supper in the solar system.

Pastina with Butter and Milk

Pastina Stars with Butter and Milk Recipe this was may kids favorite lunch food

Love is a CHOICE, not a feeling. It takes work, it takes a daily commitment to do what is best for the other no matter what the cost nor the effort, and it means never giving up and learning to constantly live out the spirit of mercy and forgiveness in the face of the Beloved's inevitable weaknesses, faults, and mistakes! https://twitter.com/NeilVenketramen

True love doesn't happen by accident

True love doesn't happen by accident. It’s deliberate it’s intentional, it’s purposeful, and in the end. it’s worth it.

le pouvoir de vouloir

Konstantin Vasiliev. Forest Gothic. 1973

quotes about taking a break from life - Google Search

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love is a really hard game to play..

I don't understand our relationship. Sometimes we're friends, sometimes we are more than friends, and sometimes I'm just a stranger to you. Lately just a stranger

See, I kinda agree with this because yes, it does hurt but, there is always someone you will love more than another. And you have to accept that because everyone has favorites but you can't be hurt by it because you are someone's favorite, you might just not know who's in particular.

I know I may use being the second choice quote a lot but that's because personally I feel as though it's true. I just wanna be somebody's first choice and like the quote says It hurts a lot.

Supernatural actually really helped and is helping me get through rough times its more than a show

Don't forget about Jim. Raising a daughter (who has autism) as a single dad after the love of his life died of cancer when their daughter was just a baby. That's some perseverance. The only thing the fandom loves more than spn is the actors for spn