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Bertholds Fotos: Koralle

Bertholds Fotos: Koralle

Coprinopsis picacea.2 Magpie Inky Cap

"Inky caps" Coprinopsis atramentaria sp- You can actually use the "ink" as ink! Edible before black. Common in open fields, I have a few in my neighborhood

Enoki mushrooms; site includes information on other mushrooms and various types of truffles

What Are The Different Types Of Edible Mushrooms and How Do You Use Them?

Enoki mushrooms grow in bunches. They have long, slender stems and small, white caps. These crisp mushrooms have a mild flavor that has been described as somewhat fruity.

Bertholds Fotos: Speisemorchel (Morchella esculenta)

Bertholds Fotos: Speisemorchel (Morchella esculenta)

Ink cap Coprinopsis atramentaria cap is conic to bell-shaped with age, up to 8cm wide, light gray or gray-brown with furrow-lines radiating to the margins. gills are nearly free from the stem and white/grey when young. the flesh and gills of older specimens liquefies into a black inky mass. partial veil leaves an inferior, fibrous ring on the white stem. grows in tight clusters in grass or on wood debris. appears in sumer and fall. has a mild taste with no odor; cook before eating. tip…

Ink Cap (Coprinopsis Atramentaria)found in Pacific NW & in Brit.Columbia,is an Edible fungus

˚Common Inkcap (Coprinopsis atramentaria)

Quite late in the year but we have had no frost to speak of so some of the fungi are just carrying on as normal. Little stunners.