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O cabelo mais odiado entre as beliebers

Láska ❤

Láska ❤

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"Hey I'm Justin"I smile"I'm 17 and single. I'm a varsity jock and I'm on the football team. I'm super popular and all the ladies love me. I like playing sports, watching Netflix, and hanging out. Ariana is my sister.

Mãe me devolve o meu celular   Por favor  #justinbieber #bieliber

Justin Bieber World : Photo


Justin onstage on the first show of the Purpose tour


Justin Bieber: I've Had Difficult Times - Justin Bieber New Photoshoot Pics Released!

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His sooo precious

Justin In Las Vegas, Nevada.

Men in suits is good but Justin suits is deadly.

Justin Bieber

March [More] Fan taken photos of Justin performing in Los Angeles, CA.

♱✖️Justin Bieber✖️

♱✖️Justin Bieber✖️

Wow. I can't believe my lifesaver is ACTUALLY 22 years old today. You've grown WAY too fast and I just refuse to believe it. You've inspired me so much and I love you for that. I'll never stop believing in you. Love you forever,Justin Drew Bieber. Happy 22nd birthday. Ily.❤️

Love him so much it hurts

I have so much love for him  Pinterest: Emma

His smile kills me everytime

Meu amor!♡♡

Sleep next to him musst be incredible Justin Bieber

I have loved Justin since the beginning yet I have never been to one of his concerts... This is horrible

I have loved Justin since the beginning yet I have never been to one of his concerts. This is horrible

"I'm looking forward to influencing others in a positive way. My message is you can do anything if you just put your mind to it.' - Justin Bieber

I love that smile Justin