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My Baby Boy //{MinJoon} - Chapter 16 : Catch me if you can

WHY does Jimin make himself look SHORTER?! ADORABLE

Awwww, look at Jungkookie and Chim Chim! Sometimes I can't believe Jungkook is the maknae.

Cute Jiminie♥

If you're ever sad just watch Jimin yawn until you smile>>>omg he's yawning and we still think he looks precious


i don't care about my haters if you wanna fight me, then fight me

When they're eating well, im so happy

Okay seriously I ship every single bts member with everyone . XD <<I feel ya bruh

No Jimin PLEASE don't look at me like this . I can't swear to you that I won't make you love so violently than you'll not manage to make a danse step before long !


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Rapmon looking happy lol. Wish I was as happy as him

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