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How to Make Majora's Mask Way Less Creepy

How to Make Majora's Mask Way Less Creepy

Mr. Twilight - Ride Home by *Ferisae on deviantART

The series of minicomics are called Mr. Twilight but there's no Mr. Twilight in this strip. For now, Ocarina Link, Skyward Sword Link and Windwaker Link have an enlightenin.

Wind Waker Inspired 13x19 Inch Poster by DirtyGreatPixelsUK - I love this. One of my favorite video games of all time.

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Usually I'd never repost anything from 9gag but this is quite true. Haha.

For Nerds...

The Legend Of Zelda  Defying the laws of physics since 1986.

19 Hilarious Memes For All The Video Game Nerds Out There

Haha, So true XD

Not a real man without a fairy - Zelda and the Ocarina of Time koroki Kokiri forest (spelling?

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Attention princesses of Hyrule, I believe this Legend of Zelda-themed wedding ring is yours

Zelda Wedding Bands Fit For a Princess of Hyrule

Check out some of the most geeky wedding rings in the market. Double helix eing, engagement rings and some more can be listed as some of the nerdy engagement rings in town. If your partner is geeky enough, such rings can be a perfect engagement ring.

Grumpy Link | The 57 Greatest Pet Costumes EVER

Last year we collected 25 geeky Halloween costumes. We continue the tradition this year with 25 more geeky homemade Halloween costumes.

Links logic @elizabeth keuneke

Link's logic

Oh, Link, I didn't even realize that you were such a lawn mower. 'Gains world's most powerful sword of the time uses it to cut grass.' Legend of Zelda Quote.

Zelda - Majoras Mask (this is literally the only good 'keep calm' picture I've ever seen, I usually hate these things :P)

Zelda - Majora's Mask seriously, the creepiest 'E' rated game I've ever played.