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A beautiful cob and tile furnace! Cob is made with sand and clay, it's cheap…

Rocket Stove

THIS WOULD BE PERFECT IN MY NEW MEXICO HOME.DIY rocket stove - "Rocket stove technology can heat a home with less wood than a conventional wood stove. So little, that many homes are heated with nothing but tree trimmings that come out of a small yard.

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I recently stumbled across your great little forum and thought I& share my stoves with you. The design is not classic rocket stove but includes elements of it. It& a horizontal front load, batch

The Cob Mob, Karyn Stillwell Temple and Jason Temple, retrofitted their little cottage’s sheet metal fireplace with a Rocket Stove thermal mass heater. The stove features a heated day bed/sitting p…

Thermal Mass Stoves - heat storage with masonry, soapstone and rocket stoves

Cob finished rocket stove

Rocket stove mass heater is one of the cleanest, most sustainable way to heat conventional homes; highly efficient wood-burning with zero carbon footprint.

Rocket mass heater under construction; stove pipe circuit to warm cob bench.

Rocket mass heater under construction: stove pipe circuits to warm cob bench & chimney.

Rocket mass heater that also serves to heat a cooktop.

Rocket mass heater and cooktop in Brussels. Brick veneer and must be a refractory cement counter top

Rocket stove and rocket mass heater http://calgary.isgreen.ca/living/life-style/unique-eco-houses-people-actually-live/

mass heater with cooktop! This website is a directory and The Masonry Heater Assoc. of North America.


are rocket mass heaters appropriate technology given the availability of efficient woodstoves? (rocket mass heater forum at permies)

The Super Sustainable Mass Heaters | Eco design | Design we Need. this looks cool

Rocket Mass Heaters - is a clean burning, high performance burner reduction in wood usage) – Věk Zlatého Světla - Age of Golden Light

masonry heater, bit more high tech than the rocket stove. Hot fire converts upwards of 94% of available heat energy from the wood. (normal fire converts only 40%). The excess heat is used to heat a thermal mass (e.g. cob, stones), and the heat is released into the space for hours after the fire has burned out. One fire a day will keep a well-insulated home warm in winter. The door above is a bake oven.  This example was built over 15 years ago. Still used & still working great!

Here is an example of a masonry heater. The result is an incredibly hot fire…

Directing the hot flue exhaust through a series of baffles heats up the surrounding masonry. The baffles can meander in numerous directions.

Traditional Russian Fireplace labyrinthine brickwork, one of the earliest forms of masonry stove. They are substantially more efficient than open fires, but with limited air regulation waste a lot of heat up the flue when the fire is out.