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We know Ridley Scott is great at making Sci Fi movies and he definitely made the right move by getting Chalize Theron in a space suit! What Alien is going to want to harm her? Prometheus comes out next week…

Mars Roto-Rooter.  Lasing sewage from the Great Canals for over 40 years and keeping the planet "in the Red".

I wanted to be a spaceman That's what I wanted to be But now that I am a spaceman Nobody cares about me Hey mother earth Won't 'cha bring me back down Safely to the sea But 'round and around and around and around Is all she ever say to me

Zoe Concept Art - SSX

(Andrew Domachowski Art\Design) Love the tight top with outer armor and baggy pants over sneaks. Creates a powerful silhouette. Colors coordinate well, although I don't like pink myself.

fuckyeahcyber-punk:  Cyber Attack - David Rodriguez

This cyberpunk work called Cyber attack by David Rodriguez shows us a figure in the rain that may be staring down the security.

320765_10150329883157218_2043678011_n.jpg 636×960 pixels

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