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Online art academy, for pallet-knife style of world renowned artist Leonid AFREMOV

Pretty sketch

Sketching by May Ann Licudine(Mall, Filipino) she provides a link to her video of this sketch {traditional,

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theotherblack: Malaysian artist Jason Siwe work entitled Strike A Pose inspired by Erykah Badu! Love this pic

That's rough, buddy. : Photo

viria: “ guess who came up with original characters and ended up shipping them like hell before even naming them? yeah, right, me don’t mind me, I was stressed.

Frozen-Elsa concept art by Jin Kim. Lovely. Just absolute perfection

Disney Frozen Directors Interview

Frozen-Elsa concept art by Jin Kim. Whenever I see concept art for Frozen, I'm just struck by the fact that they could have done so much more with her character. Kind of a shame, but that's just my opinion.

Desen çizmek, nesne üzerinde gözle düşünmektir. Doğru bir çizim için, önce perspektif bilgisi ardınd...

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