Explore Holi Celebration, Paint Fight, and more!


Holi, the Hindu festival of colour.Originally, Holi was an agricultural festival celebrating the arrival of spring.

Ride an elephant in India.

This is a long life dream of mine because I have always wanted to go to india someday and ride on an elephant.

Kindaaaa wanna do this (;

& is a Creative Date Idea - Play paint twister. Make a twister mat using some old plastic (like a tablecloth)-- except put paint where the colored dots would be. SO MUCH FUN- Good Reception fun for adults and the kids~

Never heard of this but if I was in Seattle I would so do it

put a peice of gum on the gum wall in seattle. Gross but fun at the same time! only because my best freind & i used to have a gum locker in high school which we had everyone add to in between classes. so I can appreciate it, haha!

in Africa!

Top ten Tourist attractions in Kenya

Would love to go on a REAL safari. Not just the one through the African Lion Safari.