I would be to shy to go near them and most likely have everyone cut me. Im very shy and looking up to the people that inspire me to follow my dream. I

I'm the type that blushes a lot for a lot of different reasons and it really shows on my face. If I saw them in person, I'll probably turn as red as a tomato.

That difference between the busan boys and the daegu boys Jimin, Kookie, V, Suga

mdrrrr la tête de yoongi c'est "ftg et viens me baiser petit"

"When I'm with my friends and they make up a joke about me.

I live for this!

He's still perfect what are you talking ab puffy face

#thanksgivingwithbts pt 2 ok so the last one with jungkook and the whole graduate thing is a little mean but the english part is funny

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