Harry Styles, Apple Music Festival 2015

Harry Styles, Apple Music Festival 2015 -- this shirt gives me life

little spoon

I'm laughing at this because he look like a girl that was told to pose and he just decided this was the best sexy pose he could pull

Harry // Dunkirk

Harry on the set of Dunkirk. Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh in a Christopher Nolan movie and Hand Zimmer doing the score. I am so freakin excited!

Harry Styles at the Apple Music Festival

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, took to the stage in London on Tuesday night to perform at the Apple Music Festival. supporting headliners One Direction.

Whenever I play one direction I'm the car my mom starts humming and tapping her fingers on the wheel and I'm like hehe

im proud to say my mom and dad (mostly my dad) can sing one direction songs. my dad particulary knows all the words to little black dress, and knew what song it was by the first few seconds.


this is one of my favorite harry pictures. its just amazing! We love you harry and you mean the world to us.