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Pokémon - 356 Dusclops art by hitec (Sankaku Channel)

100 Human-Like Pokémon Adaptations

Pokemon Challenge Day Least Favorite Pokemon- Dusclops. These things drive me crazy with their "curses" and crap

Many humans think of the gijinkas as inferior but in Inu Town they understand and they accept you. Description from forums.gtsplus.net. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Pokémon - 164 Noctowl art by hitec (Sankaku Channel)

It's canon I tell you It's the best one it makes the most sense for the human to be a Riolu and Mew's psychic power becomes repressed inside as a Fennekin who can regain them by evolving and leveling up it just makes the most sense

This also counts in my book as this ship because it's prior to PSMD