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My poor baby>> I would fight that "fan" she doesn't even know.that's is so sad my poor baby.>> He doesn't deserve that! Ily Niall wow Niall doesn't deserve this whoever said is not a true directioner

He's just too adorable to handle!

Just the cutest thing that ever walk this planet !♥ And that last face.FEELSSSS I think Naill is cute!

Louie Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson as a contestant on The X Factor and as a judge on America's Got Talent<<<OWWWW!


That's why we love our boys they aren't afraid to be different becoz we love their different it I'd who they are not like any other artist they are unique , special

As will I.

The funny thing I stand like that no matter what, and I I sweats half the time 😂😘😍