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Chakrasamvara Sahaja

Chakrasamvara Sahaja


Lord Shiva, a Hindu deity, the Supreme God, "the Destroyer", or "the…

Thangka with Vighnantaka, early 1200s Mongolia, Tangut Xia, Khara Khoto (1032-1227), early 13th century, silk tapestry, Overall: 102.30 x 74.00 cm (40 1/4 x 29 1/8 inches). Purchase from the J. H. Wade Fund 1992.72

Mongolia, Tangut Xia, Khara Khoto early century, silk tapestry, Overall: x 74 cm x 29 in.


Chakrasamvara (Buddhist Deity) - Rubin Museum of Art - Nepal

Red Tara - Kurukulla

Kurukulle (Detail E) - Images Of Enlightenment ~ Dakini As Art

"And You?  When will you begin that long journey into yourself." ~Rumi ..*

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The yidam with eight heads, sixteen arms and four legs standing in ardhaparyankasana (ecstatic union) with the consort Nairatmya, trampling underfoot four supine figures atop a lotus throne, wearing the five-pointed crown, the six bone ornaments, and garlands of skulls and severed heads, holding kapala aloft in the many hands, surrounded by a retinue of eight goddesses with Virupa, Kurukulla and lamas in the upper register, with Shri Devi, Kubera and other deities in the lower register.

Tibetan Buddhist Thangka of Hevajra and Consort Yab Yum, Century, Tibet