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If this doesn't describe there relationship I don't know what does

"I AM HELL"<<<oh my gosh someone drew it! I've only ever seen this as the text post „Ciel:Go to hell! Sebastian:I am hell!

Sebastian X GRELL

Grell vs Sebastian by Hirasawa on DeviantArt

This is Grell dancing, your argument is invalid.

~White Tulips~ A Finny X Reader Fanfic

Grell gif :) All I can hear is him saying, "Oh, Bassie!" as he shakes his ass. <<<<< I hear Caramelldansen while he does this.


So a new short story I came up with, LOL poor Ciel and his dreams, he (I) wished that happed, >////////////< (Anyway, Sebastian knows what's . Sebastian x Ciel: Dream

Sebastian-chu!  I choose you! (I got a kick out of this. Lol)

Post an anime cross-over picture - Nabari no Ou and Kuroshitsuji! xD Shiratama looks so cute. ~ pregunta and answer in the anime club

Sebastian x Grell's FREE! Love Child:

Black Butler - If Sebastian & Grell had a Love Child it would look like Rin Matsuoka.Oh dear lord. I can't help but agree to this.