Lol so when someone talks about Shawn. pretty obvious my crush is shawn

Slaying my life...a little too much

❝☠✧ never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret ✧☠❞

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Y/n : Ummm yea uh the teacher hasn't finished marking them yet , oh it could take a few more weeks or maybe a year uh ya never know , 😅 , Mum : Y/n ?


Bro this is sooooo me! Especially during the summer rn. I eat, sleep, listen to my husband, repeat.

Awh I love my muffin boy

So true, I hate when in the radio they mention Shawn and then starts a music from other singer.

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His jawline too sharp for me to handle, I just blink and my eyes are already bleeding😂😂