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Disco voador levando vaca

UFO picks up a cow with a We Are Social logo on its butt.

The 1961 Abduction of Betty and Barney Hill: What Really Happened By Mandy Stoller

Replace planet with semisphereical space station and you'd have the typical Pequenon sunsut.

Did you know that Saturn has 53 moons. One of those moons named Titan will someday support life in our time, and in roughly more billion years life will evolve on Titan.

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

Nobody knows what they are, and honestly, nobody really wants to know.

I want to believe : Photo

" "jesus jerry, what the hell are you doing. h-h-how long have you been there" "we both agreed a boys father should be present when his sons learning to drive"