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It seems that TfL have taken a ‘new’ approach to crowd control, pets, smoking and bouncing appendages at Kilburn Park Station.

Photo of the day: Kilburn Park Station tube sign tells it like it is – Now. Here. This. – Time Out London

Photo of the day: London Kilburn Park Station tube sign tells it like it is

And this one. | 37 Things Only British People Will Find Amusing

The anonymous joker described a bottle of Shiraz as tasting like 'bitter clown tears with a hint of suspicion'

February 10th Picdump (40 Photos)

Funny pictures about Cyclists please note. Oh, and cool pics about Cyclists please note. Also, Cyclists please note.

iPods Must Be Worn At All Times: Hilarious London Tube Prank Sign [Humor]

I'm at the dentist and I read this and started laughing really loud- everyone stared at me

Sassy queen is my favorite thing 😂

How British shower - FunSubstance


Fake London Underground signs: "Aren't you wonderful, taking little Hugo to the museums? WALK ON THE LEFT"

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Although at my school we had a knife incident and they didn't let us use craft knives in art for a year....

I, thankfully, went to a small school where we wouldn't ever have a gun or knife incident

Funny picture: British problems

Funny pictures about British people problems. Oh, and cool pics about British people problems. Also, British people problems.

Jack Whitehall pretty much explaining how every British person feels whilst shopping

The Apple Store - Jack Whitehall.

Lonely island and lonely island band as a TV show essentially

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Ze original scene that people keep using for fanarts

You Can Even Hear The Drama - Wow.  I could've acted better in this scene.

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Study this..learn this..know this like the back of your hand! @emilycdespain @juliabatson19

London Underground

The Tube map London


TUBE LONDON Next time I would want to wish something better for U. I will look at my scars thanks for reminder

subway map

Large detailed subway map of Manhattan. Manhattan - New York City.