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stephmodo: la maisonnette - wouldn't it be wonderful to visit this town?

Thanks stephmodo for sharing: Tonight's Sunset over Beynac. I'm hoping to go to La Maisonnette France!

Sheep farm just before Sunset....sheep are grazing before night sets in. Love this scene!!

New Zealand- Def want to go there!


Vatican City, Rome = powerful enough to change any catholic

There are so many delightful waterways to be discovered – canals like the Briare, Nivernais, Burgundy and Canal du Midi in France, the Caledonian Canal in Scotland and the Bianco Canal in Italy. For more information on where we cruise see here: http://www.gobarging.com/locations.php

Top 6 Canals to Cruise in France : European Waterways

Great Wall of China - my biggest thing is to see the 7 wonders of the world. Even though the "seven" changes all the time, the Great Wall is definitely one thing I want to do. And whilst I'm in China, visiting Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong are a must!! #HipmunkBL

Great Wall, north of Beijing, China gonna walk that wall someday too

The sun rises and sets are some of the most beautiful things here. Lucern Switzerland

beautiful place, with a wonderful flea market

Waterfall Seljalandsfoss at dusk | This waterfall is called … | Flickr

Seljalandsfoss falls, Iceland - by Arnar Valdimarsson

Loire Valley. Dreary and damp, but elegant

Loire Valley. Dreary and damp, but elegant

Playa Paraiso, Mexico

Picture with some pics on the beach!

Thank you for Flying with the FFF. Here is your daily navigational ATON

Getting lost is the only way to find a place impossible to find

Chichen Itza Maya Temple & Mayan Ruins Chichen Itza Bob lives for Chichen Itza & everything Mayan Follow Bob on Twitter http://cancunchichenitzatours.com/ http://chichenitzablog.cancunchichenitzatours.com/ http://twitter.com/ChichenItzaBob/

Chichen Itza, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico New Seven Wonders of the World

Hallstatt by Akos Major.

Prague - Czech Republic (though when i visited it was still part of Czechoslovakia, which is no longer since the country split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia on Jan 1, 1993.)

Prague, Czech Republic Thought I'd get there in but it didn't happen.

Brugge, Belgium Visiting in the winter would be surreal!

Brugge, Belgium Visiting in the winter would be surreal!

Maho Bay - St. John   Met my husband here :)

John Met my husband here :)

Zion National Park in Utah has made it to my list of places I would like to visit. Something about these vast canyons that can put human life into perspective.

Zion National Park, Utah this is called "The Narrows" we hike all the way to the end 4 miles in oneway. It took 8 hrs round trip hiking through the river!