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The Graveyard By Moonlight

Wolf Wind She wears night for a bonnet, winter her black pelisse, hood flared in the wolf wind.

Sword. #L.M.Paver @lmpaver

DIE I let you escape of your misery. Be gratefull that I am mercifull cause I could torture you to dead.

16 lecciones de vida que te salvarán de caer otra vez en el abismo

A world void of echoes. Her heart cries out into the silent shadows.darkness creeping apon her frigid soul. She waits.forever, but no one comes.too deep to heal.

Resultado de imagen de gothic women

Zyne Summoners are connected to the elemental forces. They often can commune with animals and plants and/or control the weather. // The Zyne Legacy (Contemporary Fantasy Books) [Photograph portal of imagination by Maryna Khomenko on

There is a beauty in darkness only a few can truly appreciate.band I think I know the perfect place to take this ;)

black queen by Maryna Khomenko on Perfect for a Halloween costume- an evil queen.

beautiful gothic art | Gothic Art

Liliana Sanches Davis, aka Princess-of-Shadows, is a passionate artist from Portugal who creates wonder digital artwork with photo manipulation technique.

Lilith Fah

falconer and a likely gilnean. or a human-nelf embassador. she looks like she'd be at home in darnassus. a human from duskwood/darkshire.

black|on|black Bringing back the pyramid studded cuffs

18 Must Have Grunge Accessories and Clothing

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