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underwater polar bear

Polar bear Swimming under Water Wallpaper

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Polar bear, Copenhagen Zoo (It's NOT ok that they live in zoo's.

Polar Bear be struttin'.

skylargold: “ snoopyowns: “ defyingthelabyrinth: “ heyimc-ool: “ mandyrachelle: “ Smile, here are some baby animals! ” Oh mannnnnn ” DAILY CUTE POST TO MAKE YOU SMILE :) ” omggaahhh baby polar bears.


Mama polar bear and cub navigating the ice floes


Swimming Polar Bear Photo: I didn't take this pic. Polar Bears love to swim. This Photo was uploaded by MartysFavoritePics

Polar bear

Big Hug by Rocco Cafagna

Russian soldier and bear family

Unbelievable photo of an explorer feeding treats to a polar bear and her cubs! A mother with her cubs are known to be the most ferocious of all animals. Just another moment the world shows us to remind us we really don't know anything by shari

No seriously! Fuck you, humans!

As we melt our ice caps and the ice where these wonderful creatures live disappears, then polar bears will simply become extinct. The human race has much to answer for when it comes to how our actions effect the other creatures on the planet.

regina george of mexicans

swimming polar bear want to be an animal photographer!

Baby Polar Bear Playing

wish it was safe to have pet polar bears

awesome shot!

Swimming Polar bear - Photographer Art Wolfe Wolfe is a photographer and conservationist. He's best known for his colorful images of wildlife, landscapes and native cultures

Polar Bear with two cubs

Cute Animals Polar Bears Cute Polar Bear Cub Pics Baby Animal - Polar Bear Pics Animals Innocent Love Polar Bear Cubs Picture Funny P.

polar bear kisses

polar bear kisses


Pole to pole: Daniel J Cox photographs Arctic polar bears and penguins in Antarctica. The camera stirred her curiosity and while investigating she licked the lens and I had to spend the next twenty minutes cleaning off polar bear saliva.

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Picture used on NSVH for Polar Bear Swim Day Jan polar bear


polar bear takes a plunge