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ALIEN - One of a Kind – floorstanding speaker system. Weight – 700 kg, 1543 lbs (per speaker)

Ayon FireFox Floorstanding speakers - The modern Firefox Horn system fascinates with an explosive dynamic range combined with a low eruptive bass performance. The midrange and high tones are gorgeous, brilliant and extremely rich in musical detail, very speedy and create an impressive 3D soundstage. This system is also very well balanced and listening to music becomes a tremendous adventure. Only 558,000 R (South Africa - Rand) or $50,957.54 Canadian.

Type – bass-reflex enclosure, 3 way active or passive. Weight – 270 kg, 595 lbs (per speaker)

Western Electric Horns Monbrison Preamplifier, Concertino Amplifier, both by Shindo from Japan. Neat setup with very carefully considered component choices .