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Wingtip pods-mounted Hughes FALCON AAM missiles on a Northrop all-weather interceptor


USAF X-series experimental aircraft - In fact it is British Victor bomber, mass-produced and well-known.

On display at a museum an USAF Northrop F-89J Scorpion fighter-Interceptor.

Northrop Scorpion w/wingtip fuel tanks. Large white weapon is an Genie rocket with a kiloton nuclear warhead.

A Texas Air National Guard F-101 Voodoo with F-106 Delta Darts and an F-4 Phantom in the background.

McDonnell Douglas Voodoo - Texas Air National Guard (ANG) - with Delta Darts and an Phantom in the background.

UK2 XF923 Bristol 188 1962-04-03 Filton BAeColl.jpg (1024×688) Bristol 188 (1962) was a British supersonic research aircraft built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company in the 1950s. Its length, slender cross-section and intended purpose led to its being nicknamed the "Flaming Pencil". It failed to attain the designed M2 speed and couldn't maintain top speed long enough to study thermal effects of supersonic flight. Cancelled in 1964.

US Air Force Northrop F-89J Scorpion 51-11422 Air to Air

US Air Force Northrop F-89J Scorpion 51-11422 Air to Air

Douglas AD-6 Skyraider   in USS Forrestal (CVA-59)  1957

A Douglas Skyraider (BuNo tail code of attack squadron Valions, Carrier Air Group One landing aboard the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal in