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shane dorian at cloudbreak

shane dorian at cloudbreak

Nautical   Gentleman’s Essentials

Nautical Gentleman’s Essentials

Swimming by Hanna Schulz - Getting the timing right and treading water are not conducive to also getting the horizon straight.

1985zcar:  Mt. Haruna

Alpe d'Huez is one of the top climbs of the Tour de France. The Alpine village owes its fame to the "Grand boucle". In itself, it is certainly not the toughest climb in the French Alps.

The ridge #thepursuitofprogression #Lufelive #Mountain #MountainBike #MountainBiking #LA #NY:

See the best bmx and mountain bike grips. This is the ultimate bmx grips guide. Learn how to install and remove bike grips. Find a perfect set of bmx bar ends to ride on your mountain bike or bmx.

A Swim Workout for Beginners

A Swim Workout for Beginners

The best swimming workouts depend on your fitness level and goals. Since swimming is an all-body workout experience, you'll gain benefits from being in the.

Mirabaud LX sailing with Wing

Mirabaud LX sailing with Wing an ideal of future sailing.