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I'm dead!

Because most people believe in 4 sexualities or under.

I wish I had that power.

How to kill a mosquito the exo way :D Btw, LOL wit Chanyeol's face xD

x''''D forever trolling. (because we all know that Zitao would unbutton his shirt just to reveal his cotton panda long-johns. xD

EXO is forever trolling. There's Tao then there are the maknaes XD

FUNNY EXO GIFS!!! XD http://25.media.tumblr.com/3ae87f08c966f35286550985b160eaf7/tumblr_mlhphc9ujs1s4hs7xo5_500.gif

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Omg D.O. ples xD, I know you love your country but, come on ahahahah

Support your country by sticking the flag to your face and wait until it falls off!

I must look out if I ever get a signature from him -.-;

I dunno about others but I sure as hell want that damn heart on anything Suho signs!

EXO reaction to you being sweet with other members. - Just A Canadian Girl Who Would Rather Be In Asia

WAAAAAH~ their reactions are so amazing! Amazing isn't even the right word for this!

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Naughty Baekhyun ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (gif)<<<<he touched the sebooty!

EXO FACT ♡ #KPOP - 139

Exo Facts hahaha XD of course Kai would say that

ahhhmm YES PLEASE !!!

ahhhmm YES PLEASE !!!

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