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acambridgestudent: “FRIDAY AFTERNOONS: This term, my weekly supervisions are on a Friday at This means that my week revolves around one hour (or usually two) of intense one-on-one contact time.

Little tips to boost your blog’s popularity

Little Tips To Boost Your Blog’s Popularity

you see that background, large wood tables and probably a gigantic library. Like in the movies. I always hope that's how I'd be one day studying away lmao but first of college wasn't like that at all. Maybe one day I'll be in that place.

These tips to navigate college dating will help your relationship. College dating can be complicated. Here is how to date in college.

Saber inglés es un privilegio de infinitas posibilidades, pues hoy es una herramienta con la que podrás abrirte varias puertas en todo el mundo.

Cursos gratuitos que puedes tomar online para mejorar tu inglés

So you’ve found the perfect time and place to study and you’re ready to finally get some work done. You’ve pulled out your laptop, your textbook, and your notes, and four different highlighters. After five minutes of reading your textbook, you start.

I need an outside office

study hack: study in pretty places; it makes you less prone to suicidal thoughts.

studynaire: caffestudy: Days of Productivity Picked up a latte at my favorite cafe and just finished copying vocabulary words for my banking and credit class. Midterms are next week and I am overly stressed!

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Daily motivation

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