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This is cherpumple. A cherry pie, baked into a chocolate cake. A pumpkin pie, baked in a spice cake. And an apple pie, baked in a yellow cake. Then covered in frosting.

Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes  Oh My Goodness!  This looks so cute!   ... And I love a layered cake!

Teeny Tiny Rainbow boxes Better Crocker SuperMoist white cake mix, mixed up according to package directions 3 tubs white frosting parchment paper inch pans liquid food coloring (used colors from both the classic and neon sets)

The Cherpumple Cake: Bake three pies: Apple, Pumpkin, and Cherry.

Cherpumple: a cherry pie, an apple pie, and a pumpkin pie each baked inside a separate cake and then all baked together inside another cake // the Turducken of desserts


What is more American than an apple pie with melted American cheese on top? PIECAKEN -- An apple pie baked into a chocolate cake on top of a blueberry pie baked into a vanilla cake, covered in cream cheese frosting.

Firefighter Thin Red Line American Hero 2

Firefighter Thin Red Line American Hero 2

I don't bake, but someone needs to make this for me: Old-Fashioned Butterscotch Cake : Recipes : Cooking Channel

Old-Fashioned Butterscotch Cake

All bakers search for The Best Vanilla Cake recipe. After 30 years, I developed my own moist, buttery, perfect vanilla cake; with Marshmallow Frosting too.

The Best Vanilla Cake

Still on the search for the best vanilla cake, maybe it's this one! The Best Vanilla Cake - still in the TOP TEN recipes we have ever posted! A moist, tender, buttery, homemade vanilla cake recipe complete with Vanilla Marshmallow Frosting.

Cherpumple inside detail

Cherpumple: a cherry pie baked into a chocolate cake, a pumpkin pie in a spice cake, and an apple pie in a yellow cake then covered in frosting. - I'm not sure I'd try these all at once, but that pumpkin pie inside a spice cake sounds intriguing.

Red Velvet CheeseCake

Red Velvet CheeseCake

Red Velvet Cheesecake If you love both red velvet cake and cheeescake, this recipe is for you. A red velvet filling is spiked with cocoa, topped with a creamy cheesecake layer, and baked in a dark chocolate crust–making a wickedly-delicious dessert.