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Karasuno first years in a mock band :P --> Tsukki on drums, Kageyama, Yamaguchi, and Hinata on guitars/bass, and Yachi on vocals!

I wanna sleep with Asahi

Is it weird that I sleep like Yamaguchi and Kenma?-Mørgan The Shipper

My mom told me that it was hard to punish your own children because they were very cute, hehe Roar! :3 If there is a mistake in the texts tell me, please Part 1: fav.me/da7g2nh Part 2: fa...

Akaashi is a very clever guy, you know? xDDD He's also a good mom, hehehe Bonus pic: Paint Tool SAI, 2016

Awww Hinata's birthday - Haikyuu

Awww Hinata's birthday - Haikyuu >>kags so me, over analyzing everything