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Vera Veronina

Vera Veronina - She is having fur on with the coat consisted on different colors and layers. A low waist dress with a belt.

1920's Fashion

Mary Pickford’s tea party interesting group of women.Notice all but one has their ankles demurely crossed and all but one has a hat? She is the one I'd like to meet :) she also seems far more interested in something off camera.


vintage wedding dresses are a popular item for women seeking a unique and beautiful vintage dress and theme for their wedding.


We Had Faces Then - Movie star sisters Joan Bennett and Constance Bennett, 1930 Bennett Bennett actress

Peaches Browning's vintage coat of Titanic proportions.The 20's and Prohibition gave rise to the flapper girl and the speak easy and Jazz. The Roaring twenties culminated in the stock market crash of Oct 29 1929 named Black Friday.

tokyo-fashion: “ vintagemarlene: “ 16 yr old peaches browning and her 51 yr old husband real estate mogul edward west ‘daddy’ browning, new york, the marriage lasted less than a year.

1920s Fashion: Icons Who Defined Twenties Style | Marie Claire

1920s Fashion And The Iconic Women Who Defined It

Fuck Yeah Joan Crawford

fashion consultant: Joan Crawford - Photographed from 1920 to 1930 talking about modern and vintage fashion style

Métro Trinité.   Vintage style Paris 1920

∴ Trios ∴ the three graces & groups of 3 in art and photos - Paris, trio in winter fashion