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I'm pretty sure I was pretty damn depressed before kpop, actually ^~^

What bands/singers did u listen to ,before you discovered kpop?


Well, 'the third guy from the left' is mine XD jk jk Jin is to be shared by all ARMY's

K Pop

This is actually Kai from EXO buuuut all my oppas are from BTS so pinning this here...

I think all international fans believe this is true. It's so hard to see our oppas. *sniff*<<< I feel like as international fans we all are united in our struggle to love Kpop from afar

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Omg RapMon knows how to get the ladies ;)

Rapmon is the best rapper ever. Rapmon is the best at stealing girls' hearts. Rapmon is Mr. Rapmon knows best.

[❤️] 171201 MAMA RED CARPET #JHOPE #BTS #MAMARedCarpet

[❤️] 171201 MAMA RED CARPET #JHOPE #BTS #MAMARedCarpet

“Hokey Pokey | do not edit. ”

J-Hope @ Mokdong Fansign ❤ J-Hope winking with a flower crown

❃ pinterest: Andreadinj ❃

“who needs disney when taehyung is already a living prince, the epitome of royalty”