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Inside The Nautilus Shell House

Another unique home design, now Arquitecturaorganica came with shell shaped house. Nautilus House, Mexico City is an imposing building that can impress any

This is such a cool tree house that I would love to live in

Organic Architect Robert Oshatz’s house ( Portland, Oregon ) could easily live off the grid in this tree house

As the history says , Pierre Cardin was looking to buy a house many years ago. But nothing matched his taste . Finally he found this bubble house designed by Antti Lovag . At the beginning no one liked Lovags creation , but now its a historic monument,

Cheese Sauce for Cheese Fries and Nachos

Pierre Cardin’s bubble house on the Cote d’Azur. The Bubble House in Cannes (France). In the early eighties, fashion designer Pierre Cardin bought this atypical summer house built by architect Antti Lovag. Photographed by Mai-Linh

French bread oven

We'd love to have an outdoor bread oven at our new place. but considering our masonry skills .

edificios ecologicos y autosuficientes

Villa Sera is a self-sustained structure that harnesses power from solar panels, collects rainwater and uses gray water for plants, creating a microcosm that not only reduces the carbon footprint but contributes to the ecological system.

Earth Home Instructor Brings Her Vision To 'Completion'

we-are-all-one-tribe: “ cosmofilius: “ voiceofnature: “ Hybrid Dome built by Earthen Shelter. This dome was built out of natural materials like cob and straw in the high desert of southern CA.

Beautiful, environmentally friendly, small home.

David Coulson Design studio - our Dream Home in a nutshell! Pacific Northwest design with Japanese influence - appx. 900 sqft of stunning space that makes the most of it's natural environment!

This is just a really cool house! Just saying... I think hobbit when I see this. Looks so cozy!

cool cob hobbit home. I'm even more interested in some of the images just below it-- the massive round window-room. I'm pretty sure the other image with the greenhouse built onto the left side o (Cool Places On Earth)

Build your own hobbit hole home.

Hobbit House-photographer Simon Dale tired of the rigid urban life with his beloved wife to work together to create this reality version of the Hobbit House Sweet

The den

The Den Sleep-Over Pod, Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand (by wandermelon). [glamping goes to Thailand! :) Mo] Inspiration for sonnys room

Cool room addition

Eco-homes from the earth. 7 ways to DIY (cordwood building pictured) I want to build something like this. maybe a much smaller kids play house?

Earth House

Earth House

A great series of shots of the Lattenstrasse(sp?) earth-sheltered house development Plus

my hobbity house for weekend retreats

The Hobbit House - Built from the ground up. Site also has instructions and resources used when building this low-impact woodland home in Wales.