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He has a twin

Luke Hemmings 5 Seconds of Summer of the corner of my eye, I thought it was 2 different people and I was like wtf and then I looked at it normally and it all made sense.

Luke Hemmings imagine our love story

Luke imagine - watch all the way through (I made the mistake of skipping to the comments section and didn't realize it continued lol)

luke hemmings 5sos 5 seconds of summer

Lucas Robert Hemmings stop.being so freaking handsome😍

#imagine Luke seeing you on the street and looking you up and down, not believing how beautiful you are

Imagine luke walking past you and making this face

Awwwww! Luke! You are giving me a heart attack.... look at that smile hehe Im in love

It's official. This is my favorite gif of Luke.<<<whenever my family is being really serious or quiet I turn to o e of them and do this and they all start laughing and none of them know that I'm impersonating Luke Hemmings to make them happy.

Muscular, dancing, seventeen year old smiling Luke Hemmingses in snapbacks are the reason for my tears

Muscular, dancing, seventeen year old smiling Luke Hemmings in snapbacks is the reason for my tears

Luke Hemmings 5 Seconds of Summer but imagine him making this face when you tell him too smile for a picture *sigh*

I love when he smiles like that it makes my heart melt(: hahaha

Yep.this is the link to the interview&more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Joj9Ub3gVE&app=desktop

I love how he gets really nervous and stutters in keeks :')