Erkunde Gartenzeitschrift und noch mehr!

Day 54. 6/1/14.
Day 76. 6/26/14. Corn is getting big!
Day 43. 5/19/14. Beets couldn't take the mid-day heat. Watered the surface around the beets early evening and they perked right up.
Day 68. 6/18/14. One of my tomato plants didn't get a corral. It was fine at first but with heavy tomatoes now growing on it the branches need some extra support. A little string and random board did the trick. :)
Day 55. 6/3/13.
Day 57. 6/7/14. Cucumber curly que.
Day 53. 5/31/14. There he is! Right above the leaf with all the poo! Can't hide from gravity. :)
Day 53. 5/30/14.
Day 48. 5/25/14.
Day 28. 5/2/14. Going to have to start taking photos earlier to beat the sun  we should be able to harvest some radishes on Sunday! So excited to see how they look!