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Norman Reedus' cat... Eye In The Dark. Awesome name!

Norman reedus' cat

Norman Reedus with his black cat, "Eye in the Dark"<-- I don't watch walking dead much, but this is so sweet!

Norman Reedus ~ one of my Boondock Saints ;D

norman reedus I never been with a non biker. I'am in my early now an have always ridin my own bikes. But I do love a long legged man . You can just crawl on them an ride them all night, like a good bike.

norman reedus-those eyes!

One of my favorite parts of The Boondock Saints and now an absolutely unkillable cast member from The Walking Dead

NORMAN REEDUS-I have this as a huge, laminated poster! MY FAVE!! <3

The Walking Dead Season 5: Oh, and Daryl dies?

Oh my gosh they are adorable

Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's characters on The Walking Dead might be bitter enemies thanks to that whole "Whose brains did Negan bash in with a

Only Daryl can pull off being the guy wearing his own face on a t-shirt

It's Norman Reedus, wearing a shirt of himself in character as Daryl Dixon. Haha this is awesome :D