Team USA!

"Makeup your Jangsara: Avengers: Captain America" (eye makeup red white blue fantasy comic glitter) sglrpick


Batman wedding gold and black eyeshadow. Starrina I can totally do your make up like this for your wedding!

Wonder Woman created by mjs06 on Makeup Geek (Also thought this would be a good 4th of July look)

Wonder Woman created by on Makeup Geek (Also thought this would be a good of July look)

Love this

Jamie Warmanberg posted Purple green silver eye make up to his -make up tips- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Pink & Blue, Linda Hallberg, Sweden.... I think this would be cute for a themed wedding defiantly different : p

Rave makeup: Pretty blue to pink gradient eye shadow and an awesome example of randomly placing crystals to enhance the eyes!

Gorgeous Peacock Eyeshadow

15 Amazing Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup Looks for 2014

Have I pinned this b4?

Celebrate LGBT and Gay Pride with these beauty ideas, including multicolored eyeshadow and lips, and rainbow nails.