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This is you Marcia and what are you getting into: nothing! He won't leave his wife or family. When will women learn that being a side chick is not the way to get a good man? You are only being played like a toy and then disposed like trash. But if this is what you want, be my guest. I will enjoy the show cause honey, I'm not leaving my husband so he can be with your or anyone else lol...you won't win, that I guarantee. Many had tried and I'm still here lol. God bless you!

Breaking Up And Moving On Quotes :Seriously! If you knowingly enter into a relationship with another woman's h

Sometimes I Regret Being Nice Apologizing When I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong And For Making Unworthy People A Priority In My Life

The reality of consequences...

You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality. Ayn Rand So True!