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This is called "reverse dappling" or sometimes "reverse dapple roaning", though it can happen on any color of horse, not necessarily a roan. It's common in donkeys but quite rare in horses.

Karachay this color pattern is called lacing. Very unique and beautiful!

Merlin Nero XV, blue roan Noriker stallion. Pferdezucht-Austria.

The name comes from the ancient Roman province of Noricum (Austria today) where it was originally bred. They are a medium-heavy draft breed. This beautiful blue roan variant with the always dark/black head is called 'Mohrenkopf'.

Dunbar's Gold - brindle

Dunbar's Gold is a very rare Brindle color. While common in dog breeds like Greyhounds and Pitbulls, brindle is rarely seen in horses. Dunbars Gold is a registered American Quarter Horse stallion. Possible Chimera?


Karachay horse, reverse dappling, I believe it is. Also known as "Giraffe Marks"

reverse dapple roan - Поиск в Google

Unique lacing & reverse dappling: Lacing most often looks like a thin white outline. The pattern of reverse dappling is wider with a softer, more diffused outline.

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