who's left on Supernatural? Even more people on this list have died...

(gif set) Supernatural Deaths [Some of the names are messed up- Raphael and Michael- and Tessa didn't die. but the point remains. Just cross out them all, it's not as if they haven't all died once anyway


Dean, castiel, and Sam. The most sophisticated version of the three stooges.


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Pretty sure I now hate whoever drew this. It's gorgeous, but ouch! Ripping my heart out would hurt less.

Misha's adorable puppy grin I can't

Jensen, Jared and Misha demonstrating their CW smolders ‘The first year I went to the Upfront with you guys, you guys, at that point, had absolutely perfected the CW smolder. So we got up to the red carpet to do the.

Just look at this fanart. It's... it's beautiful...

Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry Today, my brother died. Just these four little words: Today.

Dean as an army doctor. This man...this man can put in ANY costume from ANY time period and look as if he belongs. Wow.

Current sexuality: Dean as an army doctor. (I will never forgive Jensen for his acting choice to constantly be licking his lips. like seriously HOW DARE YOU)

Sam and Dean quotes

Sam and Dean quotes