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On Friday night, your Hot Date is tall, dark and fictional. Life of a bookworm.

This could happen at my house.  Definitely..... Maybe I should invest in an E-Reader to prevent this from happening?

This is so me! My husband would always buy me a new bookshelf every time there were more books than shelves!

When I read it feels like a 20 hour movie playing in my head. When I walk away its like its on pause.

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I've already read that movie - Mid-Continent Public Library has compiled a list called Based on the Book. Can be searched by book, movie, movie release date or book author.

Betsy von Furstenberg Black and White Vintage

Betsy von Furstenberg Reading in the taken by Stanley Kubrick (when he was still a photographer). I would really live to be reading like this somewere in Europe.

Our fantastic reviewer Heather posted this in The Pure Textuality Reading Room (click here to join) and I couldn’t help but post it!!!

If I’m ever stranded, I hope it’s in a bookstore! (Or a library.

She reads books as one would breathe air, and to fill up and live.

"She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live" Annie Dillard ~ via Carnegie-Stout Public Library

Bookshelf Porn

Bookshelf Porn

raining books

it's raining books! it's raining books! 31794 Newer Older Foire aux livres, Romainmôtier Second-hand book fair. Archway between abbey courtyard and main street.

I feel like this is especially true after reading a really good book series. You just get so involved with the characters and their world.

When you start reading a great book...

Funny pictures about When a good book ends. Oh, and cool pics about When a good book ends. Also, When a good book ends.

Always! love to do that! by brittney

When I visit people, I always end up looking through their books. So do I, I totally judge people by their book collections.

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20 quotes about books that you can share as images

Cierto: "Una habitación sin libros es como un cuerpo sin alma". Cicerón.

Famous Quotes and Sayings about Books from Popular People – Reading Books -Book - A-Room-Without-Books-Is-Like-A-Body-Without-A-Soul

~Nora Ephron

-feel-bad-about-my-neck-by-nora-ephron Caption required by copyright law.