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Dalmatian puppies awwwww

What does a dalmatian dog look like? Quick facts about the dalmatian dog, features, characteristics and photo gallery.

Liver spotted Dalmatian pup with blue eyes 😍😍

I love spots. Did you know they are born white, and get spots about the time their little eyes start to open?

.playful dalmatian puppies ~ doggiechecks.com

dalmatian puppies i had a dalmation for 14 years. she was a great family pet.but owning a dalmation is like having an adhd child. she shouldve been a toy poodle!

P I N T E R E S T: @kristaoezer

P I N T E R E S T: @kristaoezer


i want this :( dalmation puppy

dalmatian puppies - Bing Images

Dalmation puppy- my daughter and husband both keeps begging for one of these!

cute little dalmation pup!- I would drive a ridiculous distance to get a dalmation.

Ever since I was a little girl, I'd wanted a Dalmation! 101 Dalmations was my Favorite movie!

Did someone say food? by baileyandbanjo

This is Parker a Great Dane pup, photographed by Julie Clegg.

Dalmatian Puppies ❤️

We are proud to announce we have a litter of purebred Dalmatian pups on the way. They Arrived October Since.

.Looks like one big, long leash has corraled this group of puppies!!! adorable! Google: named after Italian city of Dalmatia where they were lst noticed in  1360!! Strong, muscular and can run long distances. Early use with horse drawn fire  wagons because they calmed the horses. Also they protected the horses from other dogs and also from being stolen. They stay with the horses in the fire station also to help keep the horses calm while waiting for the next fire call.

Getting close to 101 dalmations there

Dalmatian puppy ❤️ I

Dalmatian puppy ❤️ I


is 101 black and white spots