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{Harry Potter} Ron: dumb about horcruxes Hermione: no quidditch Harry: doesn't freakin get married to them

The thing that really worked about Harry, Hermione, and Ron was that they were all the uncomfortable third friend

Seduce me with obscure harry potter knowledge  Nearly-headless-nick Peaves The vanishing cabinet

Seduce me with obscure harry potter knowledge Nearly-headless-nick Peaves The vanishing cabinet

When they realised Draco might have a different opinion. | 29 Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About "Harry Potter"

I can hear Tom Felton's voice so clearly saying each of these things haha This person who reimagined Harry Potter from Malfoy’s point of view.

The last comment tho...

The last comment tho. don't mind that shattering sound, it was just my heart.

Not at heart<<fuck that what is that supposed to mean being in Slytherin does not mean you’re automatically prejudiced it means you’re driven and ambitious and many things Slytherins aren’t evil andromeda fiercely protected those she loved and didn’t give a damn and lived by her own rules which is very Slytherin so fuck your “not Slytherin at heart” bullshit

We are not the evil ones. All houses had their share of bad apples - it's just always popular to hate one one group together.<<I myself am a Gryffindor but completely believe that slytherins aren't all evil.

OMG I'm so gonna do this now

Next time I'm in public and I see someone carrying a wand! But I would probably be he weirdo carrying it lol

You better not talk to snakes

I wonder if Harry would be like Tom?<< I doubt it, Harry would probably be super happy to be out of the dursley's place, but it depends on the other kids at the orphanage and how they treat him.

Dead Harry explaining to his dad and Sirius why he named his son after Snape.

From wicked witches web

WiFi hacking like a boss<---one of my neighbor's wifi connection is named hogwarts, id love it if alohamora was their password