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Lilac point Siamese cat resting in a warm blanket by Shutterstock

Origin: ThailandFun Fact: Some Siamese cats appear cross-eyed because the nerves from the left side .

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seychellois cat

Seychellois cat <------I found this pin with the name 'Seychellois cat'.NO idea why and don't know if its actually a breed.Such a strange cat haha.

Nice Oriental Shorthair photo

The Intelligent and Playful Oriental Cat—The Oriental is a member of the Siamese breed group and comes in two coat lengths: the Oriental Shorthair and the Oriental Longhair.

* * " Weez be tryin' to tellz ya. Overnight, someone put a hex on dat 'Figaro' kitten and like 350 RP'd it. Wouldn'ts ya think dat's weird?" CAT ON RIGHT: " I'd say it'z awful monotenous."

All about cats Oh good heavens, these two are just gorgeous, I shall forward this to my friend, she has two Siamese cats.

Pix & Moby

Pix & Moby

Cattery Bits 'n Pieces

Welcome to the Cattery Bits 'n Pieces, located in Den Haag in The Netherlands ! We breed Oriental Shorthairs, bi-colours and Seychellois.